k-rtvonnegut asked:"i love you. marry me. okay, that's a little weird."

ahaha!(: thank you! okay I will. 

pre-life-crisis asked:"Ship me? I'm a 5'8, slender but curvy with a bit longer than shoulder length reddish brown hair, hazel greenish eyes, and I'm very mature for my age (17) but I am very social. I do musical theater, I love literature and travel and I've been described as vivacious, independent, trustworthy and humorous. My style is very unique and quirky and depends on my mood. I shop at Urban Outfitters, American Eagle and Free People so I have an edgy bohemian look (much like Aria from pretty little liars)"

Darry Curtis!:D

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Anonymous asked:"this is my first ship ever ahhh. i have darkish blonde hair that falls down to the middle of my back, and greenish-blueish eyes. i really like art and music, and absolutely love reading and watching movies. though others might like to walk with a group, i really just like walking alone because then i can enjoy things rather than listen to dumb conversations that others might have. im shy at first, but once you get to know me i laugh a lot and joke around."

Ponyboy Curtis(:

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Anonymous asked:"ship me please? I'm 5'8 with wavy, copper-coloured hair and green eyes. I'm kind of clumsy and I'm shy until people get to know me, but then when they do get to know me, i'm quite loud :)"

Sodapop Curtis!(:

Okay losing followers(: so it’s done now!

I’ll answer the last few ones in my box, and that’s it. 

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Anonymous asked:"ohhhh, ship me please! I'm about 5'3'' and i have a sorta grown out pixie cut that's brown and I have green eyes with long eyelashes and i'm very VERY shy and I love a laugh and I just wear band t-shirts, skinny jeans, tennis shoes and hoodies. I love listening to music and that's all i do! like ever haha. I'm very mature but immature at the same time and once I get to know you, I never shut up! haha."

Johnny Cake!(: 

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Anonymous asked:"YAY OMG I LOVE THESE THINGS okay im 5'5'', long dark brown hair, along with brown eyes and long eyelashes. i love hanging out with my friends and pulling the occasional pranks, not really harmless. Some, at least. I actually really like walking around town, and also trying out new things once in a while. I'm loud and obnoxious, but people love and know me for that."


Anonymous asked:"Ship me, 5"5 short (like boy short) auburn hair, brown eyes. Very shy love to read, write, and draw. Love music and watching movies. and I love to wear dresses."

Johnny Cade!:D

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Anonymous asked:"Hi would you ship me please? I have long hip length blonde hair and green eyes. I love music and art, they are my main passions. I also love animals of all shapes and sizes a whole bunch, my dog means the world to me! I play piano and guitar a lot as well as paint. I can be pretty sarcastic and loud once I get to know someone."